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Figurative work 
Welcome to Gallery Room 2
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This gallery includes Pilgrim themed paintings.  I have been interested in the idea of pilgrimage and interpreting this in my work for many years.  Some of the images I have produced have included the walking figure, the pilgrim on a spiritual journey.  More recently the figures in the pictorial story deviate form the path and have adventures and mishaps along the way.  The theme of fishing and solitude in the dark occurs frequently, as does the bear and the wolf.  Neither darkness nor nature poses any real threat in the story, I'm interested in the reaction of the characters, sometimes peaceful, sometimes fearful or even oblivious to their surroundings. The food markets of Lyon were wonderful environments and the resulting oils are new for 2017. I have tried to create a meeting point of my still life subjects and the human figures in these new works. 

Girls in their Summer clothes

Girls in their Summer clothes

Locker room chat at the Folies-Bergeres

Vegetable stall, Lyon

Market stall, Croix Rousse

Trying to see the Nightwatch

A walk among the buffalo berries SOLD
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